Mcafee Vs Norton : Which Is Better Norton or Mcafee in 2023?

Trying to find which is better Mcafee Vs Norton can be a difficult task, and we wanted to see if McAfee and Norton have become two of the biggest brands in this industry on their own merits. So we put them through a series of rigorous tests to find out what was true.

Norton was the narrow winner of this competition. Along with a perfect malware detection rate, it has incredibly useful features such as cloud storage and a password manager. Plus, you can try Norton risk-free, backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind, you can easily get a refund.

McAfee offers a solid array of additional features, but it doesn’t have as wide a range of unique tools as Norton. However, it is fair to highlight that it also achieves 100% malware detection to offer superior quality protection for your devices. You can try McAfee yourself risk-free and get a refund if it’s not right for you.

Norton customization options make scans fast and thorough

McAfee’s handy Spanish interface makes choosing the right scan a breeze. You can customize how often you would like to run scans and schedule them at times that are most convenient for you. You can schedule a full scan once a month and daily quick scans when you turned on your PC.

Real-time malware protection – Great results from both Norton and McAfee



When it comes to which is better Norton or Mcafee, there is no clear winner between Norton and McAfee. Both programs offer fantastic detection rates with no false positives and are easy for the user to install.

Finding threats that have already nested on your PC is good, but being able to prevent them from entering is crucial. You can set up a test machine and exposed both antiviruses to malware threats discovered over the past 24 hours. Both Norton and McAfee blocked 100% of the latest real-time zero-day threats, including ransomware.

Norton’s powerful real-time protection leads the antivirus industry, using sophisticated SONAR scanning to detect the latest threats. This scan not only looks for threats on the websites and files you interact with, but also examines the behavior of applications to determine their potential risk before it is detected. SONAR scanning puts Norton’s protection one step ahead of many other antivirus programs to ensure you always have the latest security measures.

When it comes to antivirus software, one common question that often arises is, “Which is better, Norton or McAfee?”. This cloud-based software examines the characteristics of known malware to predict the latest behaviors and threats. And, being cloud-based, it also reduces its overall impact on your devices’ system.

System performance – McAfee is slightly faster

McAfee offers better system performance when performing a wide variety of tasks. You can find Norton is also fast, but in certain tasks (such as launching websites or copying files) it falls behind by a few hundredths.

Importantly, both Norton and McAfee minimize the impact on the system during high-intensity scans. In general, McAfee is a little faster in terms of system performance, although Norton more than meets the expectations you may have from a premium antivirus.

VPN – Norton Secure VPN provides unlimited data with 29+ server locations

Norton Secure VPN service offers better features for secure browsing and streaming. Unlike McAfee’s Safe Connect VPN, Secure VPN includes a kill switch (to kill the Internet if the connection to the VPN is interrupted), split tunneling, tracking ad blocking, and autocomplete. Plus, you can connect to any of VPN Securer’s 29 server locations with just a couple of clicks, as the app’s native Spanish interface is very easy to use.

In comparison, McAfee’s Safe Connect does not offer a kill switch, split tunneling, or auto completion. However, McAfee’s Safe Connect has more than 20 global connections to servers and supports tormenting (Norton’s Secure VPN blocks P2P connections).

When it comes to choosing the right antivirus program with a built-in VPN, the question of “which is better, Norton or McAfee?” often arises. Both VPN services offer unlimited data and bandwidth, meaning you can use the secure connections as much as you want. Ultimately, Norton and McAfee are two of the best antivirus programs on the market with a built-in VPN. The two VPNs will maintain the privacy of your data and the anonymity of your online activity. However, Norton Secure VPN has a few more security features and is overall a better option.

Parental Controls – Norton is slightly better value for money

Both antiviruses offer quality parental control, since with both you can track location, block age-inappropriate apps, and track websites visited. However, Norton Parental Controls are a better option thanks to their customizability and additional features.

Norton offers a wide range of easily accessible parental control features

Norton can even be set to track what videos they watch on YouTube and show you a clip of the video so you can check if it’s age-appropriate. You can also activate School mode to eliminate distractions and track search engine usage.

McAfee provides accurate GPS tracking of your kids’ devices, plus screen time features and blocking apps for inappropriate content. However, it doesn’t offer social media monitoring and is a more expensive option – Norton offers the same features for less.

McAfee Parental Controls are easy to set up and use

For the most part, both antiviruses offer similar and effective parental control settings. So, which is better Norton or Mcafeeare powerful and will help you keep your children safe, both online and in the real world. With a cheaper overall price and a few more features, Norton wins this category by a small margin.

Firewall – Both firewalls offer powerful security

Norton and McAfee include customizable firewalls that offer excellent protection. Both continually monitor apps to ensure they are safe and block them if they notice any suspicious behavior. The two antiviruses alert you of any possible intrusion on the network. Norton has a whitelist already configured to allow access to popular sites and apps. The McAfee whitelist must be configured manually, which takes a little more time.

McAfee’s many options let you easily customize your firewall settings


The bottom line is that the Norton firewall comes with a 100% protection guarantee. This means that if a virus manages to get past Norton’s defenses, the support team will work with you to remove it. If the virus cannot be removed, Norton will give you a full refund. Norton’s firewall also covers your open ports to prevent hackers and spies from gaining access to your devices, providing an additional layer of security.

Gaming mode – McAfee App Boost helps load games faster

You can find McAfee’s App Boost to be useful for long gaming sessions without any lag, and Norton lacks this feature. App Boost monitors which apps require the most CPU resources, diverting power from background processes. You can also find that it helped load and launch games more quickly.

McAfee App Boost made a noticeable difference in game

Norton’s Silent mode is a good tool for gamers – It stops irritating pop-ups so they don’t bother you in the middle of the game and suppresses background activities for a smoother gaming experience.


1. Which antivirus performed better in the tests, Norton or McAfee?

Ans. In our tests, Norton came out on top with a flawless virus detection rate and excellent features. McAfee did well as well, obtaining 100% virus detection, although it does not include as many unique capabilities as Norton.

2. How do Norton and McAfee compare in terms of real-time malware protection?

Ans. Norton and McAfee both provide great real-time security with no false positives. They both successfully stopped 100% of the most recent real-time zero-day attacks, including ransomware.

3. Which antivirus is faster in terms of system performance, Norton or McAfee?

Ans. McAfee offers slightly better system performance, especially in certain tasks, although Norton is also fast and minimizes the impact on the system during high-intensity scans.

4. How do Norton’s and McAfee’s built-in VPN services compare?

Ans. Norton’s Secure VPN provides more features, including a kill switch, split tunneling, ad blocking, and more server locations. McAfee’s Safe Connect has a substantial number of server connections and supports tormenting but lacks some advanced features.

5. Which antivirus has better parental control features, Norton or McAfee?

Ans. Norton’s Parental Controls provide greater customization and capabilities, such as tracking YouTube video views and School mode. McAfee has decent parental controls as well, although it lacks social media monitoring and is somewhat more costly.

6. Do Norton and McAfee offer powerful firewalls?

Ans. Norton and McAfee both provide highly adjustable firewalls that give good security. Norton provides 100% protection and covers open ports, adding an extra degree of security. McAfee requires manual whitelist setup.


In the battle of which is better Mcafee vs Norton in 2023, it’s clear that both antivirus solutions have their strengths and weaknesses. In our testing, Norton came out on top with a 100% virus detection rate and a slew of handy features like cloud storage and a password manager. Norton’s scan customization options make it quick and thorough. McAfee, on the other hand, provides robust security, attaining 100% malware detection and a convenient Spanish interface for simplicity of use. Both Norton and McAfee excelled in real-time malware prevention and internet security, blocking 100% of the most recent threats. Norton’s SONAR scanning and McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence provide sophisticated threat detection technologies.



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