The Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps for iPhone

Nowadays, people watch videos not only at their desks looking at the PC but also while traveling. If you are planning to travel a long distance and need to download videos to enjoy your trip, then you must know some of the best YouTube video downloader apps for iPhone. But unlike Android, iOS doesn’t have a built-in downloader, which complicates things. The iPhone has highly advanced security systems, which also prevent you from downloading music or videos from third-party sites or channels which video lovers may take as a disadvantage.

WondershareUniConverter – Your Complete Video Toolbox

  • Supports downloading videos from 10,000+ sites including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and others
  • Allows you to download 4K/HD videos in excellent quality
  • Allows you to download YouTube playlist on One Go
  • One-click YouTube to MP3 conversion
  • Lossless quality video download at super-fast speed
  • Downloaded YouTube videos can be converted to 1000+ formats, such as AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, etc.
  • Free download Free download
  • Verified Security, 5,942,222 people have downloaded it

How to Download YouTube Videos in Easy Steps?

As mentioned above, downloading videos from any channel using WondershareUniConverter is really convenient and fast due to the simple steps that this application provides to its users. With the high-speed downloading technology of this tool, you can not only download any of your favorite videos, but also convert them to iPhone-compatible format.

Here is a step by step guide that will help you understand how to use WondershareUniConverter to download YouTube videos, that too in a simple way. This all-in-one video toolbox allows you to download a single video, an entire video playlist, along with downloading the audio portion only as an MP3 file. Although you can’t directly download YouTube video on iPhone, you can download it on your PC (Windows and Mac), and then you can transfer it to your smart device.

Step 1. Find the Download tab and grab the video link

  • Open the WondershareUniConverter software on your PC and go to the Downloader tab on the left side.
  • Download tab in wondershareuniconverter
  • Now, on YouTube, search for the video you want. Copy the video link after opening it.
  • Copy video playlist link

Step 2. Download the videos.

  • Paste the URL into UniConverter. If you are downloading a playlist, a dialog box will appear asking for confirmation for all videos. Select/deselect accordingly, and if necessary, you can also change the quality of the videos. Then click Download.
  • Now, you can check the download status of videos in real time. You can also Resume or Pause videos, along with turning on High Speed ​​Downloading, as you wish.
  • Once finished, you can find the downloaded videos in the Done tab.

Step 3. Add videos to transfer

Step 4. Connect your iOS device and transfer the videos.

Go to Toolbox > Transfer and connect your iOS device to your PC to install the driver.

As you had added the videos to Transfer in Step 4, the interface similar to the following will be displayed below the tab. Click the Transfer button next to each video or Transfer all. You can check the transfer status transfer the video

The transferred videos will be automatically saved to your iOS device under Videos. If the files are audio, they will be saved to Music.

NOTE: For US users, files will be saved in the TV app.

Top 5 Recommended iPhone Video Downloader Apps

In this part, we present the five best video download applications for iPhone to download your favorite videos or movies.

1. Cloud Video Player

This app encourages you to download videos from any website and that too, in simple steps. It also supports different video formats, and one of its additional benefits is that you can also play the downloaded videos on other Apple devices due to cloud installation. You can also set a passcode and proceed to change the formats of your videos, depending on your requirements.

2. iDownloader

Unlike other downloader apps, iDownloader is not an ordinary video downloader app, but it also consists of an exciting feature. It allows you to download essential documents and audio files on your iPhone as well. It gives you the advantage of downloading more than 50 videos at a time.

3. Best Video Downloader

The name says it all. This program has a playback option as well as real-time background downloading. The software also has a nice function called sleep mode, which is used to pause the movie when the timer expires.

4. Downloader Pro

This program offers a multi-tab browsing function that makes it simple to download videos. It also works with all YouTube-like websites. It is, indeed, the greatest YouTube video downloading software for iPhone.

5. Video Saver PRO+ Cloud Drive

This best video downloader for iPhone is a strong media toolbox that allows you to not only download videos for offline viewing but also handle them in a variety of ways thanks to its extensive capabilities.

6 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps for iPhone Free

Now, if you are looking for the free video downloaders for iPhone X and other iOS devices as well, here is the list.

1. Readdle Documents

Readdle Documentsis one of the bestYouTube video downloaders for iPhone. Well, to be precise, this application downloads videos plus any type of content available on the Internet. Its fast and easy-to-use interface has made the app the best choice for iOS users.

2. DownloadMate

This app is an excellent companion for downloading web videos. You can monitor the download process and even change the saving route to suit your needs. Not only are movies included, but also papers and photographs.

3. QWE

With the addition of cloud support, this application has achieved a significant advancement in the technology business. Its unique function of file management has made the application extremely beneficial for users. It is also quite safe to use because of the password security.

4. Video Manager – Offline Play

It functions similarly to a manager for your offline videos, while supporting a wide range of formats. With this best video downloader for iPhone, you may work on numerous videos at the same time. It also includes a player, so you can watch the videos right away after downloading them.

5. YTD Video Player

Although it is a well-known YouTube downloader, it also works with a variety of other video platforms. This software operates in your browser, making your duties easier than before. It has long been on the list of users’ favorites.

6. VidMate

This app allows you to have many accounts and switch between them as needed. With cloud access, you can watch videos on any device while offline. It is not only strong, but it is also simple to use.


1. Is it legal for me to save YouTube videos on my iPhone?

Downloading YouTube videos for personal use is sometimes regarded as a legal grey area. The rules of service on YouTube forbid downloading videos without authorization. However, there are several video downloading applications accessible on the App Store, implying that they are legal. It is critical to utilize these apps ethically and to only download videos for personal, non-commercial use.

2. Can I download YouTube videos to my iPhone without using a computer?

While you cannot directly download YouTube videos to your iPhone owing to Apple’s limitations, you may do so by using video downloader applications. You may use these applications to copy the video URL from your iPhone, paste it into the app, and then download the movie to your smartphone. Typically, the download method requires using a computer to save the films, which you can then transfer to your iPhone.

3. Is it possible to get a free YouTube video downloading program for the iPhone?

Yes, free YouTube video downloader applications for iPhone exist, like Readdle Documents, DownloadMate, QWE, Video Manager – Offline Play, YTD Video Player, and VidMate. These App Store apps provide a variety of capabilities for downloading and organizing videos on your iPhone.


As an iOS user, you must have always been too tired of all those restrictions that prevented you from downloading online videos. Therefore, this article aims to lessen your worries by providing you with the best YouTube Video Downloader Apps for iPhone. They are all safe to use and surprisingly efficient. However, unlike WondershareUniConverter, they are not an all-in-one video toolbox that allows you to do all the creativity with your videos. But they all have their own potential too. So, download as many videos as you want and stream them offline anywhere you want.



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