15 Best App Lock For Android and Protect Your Android Device in 2024

You can easily lock your Android device with a PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint. However, what about blocking individual apps? They are different than iOS apps, where you need to jailbreak your device to lock apps, but Android has many great apps that allow you to protect other apps via a password.

There are hundreds of best app lock for android apps available on the Google Play Store. And through this article, we will share with you a list of the best app lock for android app lockers and lockers for 2023. With these apps, you can easily lock your essential apps.

Best 15 App Lock For Android and Protect Your Android Device in 2024

1. Norton app lock

If you are looking for a free app lock app for Android, then it could be a app lock app by norton or in English: Norton app lock is the perfect choice. Also, the good thing about the Norton app lock app is that it allows users to use a secure password or pattern to lock apps. Not only that, but the app allows Norton app lock users to lock photos and videos as well.

2. Close it

Application Close It is a comprehensive security application to lock applications, and Close It application is the ideal choice for you. The app can block almost everything, from messages to call logs. like Close It app It is the only app available on Google Play Store that can secure your accounts on both and many others.

3. Vault – Hide Photos and Videos

Application Vault is a mobile app designed to hide your photos, videos, SMS, call logs and much more, however, the app also comes with an app lock feature, which you can use to protect your essential apps with a password. Not only that, App Vault provides also a private browser that blocks all online trackers and ads.

4. App Lock Master

AppLock Master Application is a relatively new application that can lock applications using a PIN or pattern. Not only that, but the app also comes with fingerprint support. This means you can now unlock apps using your smartphone’s fingerprint sensor. Not just apps, but an app. AppLock Master can also lock call logs, SMS messages and more.

5. App lock

It is an application lock application or in English: AppLock One of the best lock and lock applications for Android, which you can use today. The app can lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, quick chat Instagram, and so on. Not only apps but AppLock can also lock Gallery, SMS, Contacts, Call logs, Settings and much more.

6. Perfect App Lock

It is a perfect AppLock application. One of the best security applications available on the Google Play Store. Using the Perfect AppLock app, you can protect any app you want with a code (PIN )or a pattern or gesture. It can lock almost all major apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Skype SMS, email, gallery and more.

7. Kaspersky Antivirus – Application Blocking 

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Application It is basically a complete security protection application for Android. It also provides a powerful antivirus solution for your smartphone. It has an app blocking feature that allows you to block both platforms and apps from the Play Store.

8. App lock

Prepare app lock or in English: AppLock and presented by iedramóvil It is one of the highest rated app lock programs that you can use on Android. Using AppLock app, you can easily lock apps, photos, videos and other private data with password lock or pattern lock. Also the good thing about the application. AppLock is that you can lock almost all popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Vine, Twitter and Instagram and more.

9. Private area

Application Private Zone – AppLock, Video & Photo Vault is the best app lock and photo locker app on the list. You can use the app to protect your private data like photos, videos and other important files. In addition to password protecting media files, an app can Private Zone Password Protected Apps. You can also easily block instant messaging and social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Messenger and much more.

10. App lock

Using an App Lock app, you can lock social networks, instant messengers, and pre-built apps like contacts, Gmail, settings, etc., regardless of Lock Apps app can hide photos and videos from appearing in the gallery. It also includes some other features like AppLock Browser app for incognito browsing, intruder selfie, site blocking and more.

11. App lock – lock app

Like any other app lock app for Android, App Lock app – app lock Locking apps on Android behind a pattern, fingerprint or secret code.

And not only that, but AppLock: AppLock also has a photo and video lock that can be used to hide photos and videos.

12. SailingLabAppLock

AppLockSailingLab is considered to be one of the top-rated app lock apps for Android. With Sailing Lab’sAppLock, you can easily lock your favorite social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, WeChat, etc.

Additionally, the app can lock system apps like contacts, text messages, Gmail, settings, gallery, incoming calls, etc. Also provides AppLockSailingLab has a photo gallery that allows you to hide photos and videos that we want to keep private.

13. DoMobile App Lock

AppLockDoMobile is considered to have an app that tries to protect your privacy with a PIN, pattern or fingerprint lock.

It is an app lock app that can lock various social apps on your smartphone such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Paytm, Facebook, etc.

Apart from apps, you can hide system apps like gallery, settings, etc. Other features of AppLock by DoMobile include photo locker, locker widget, web browser, etc.

This was the best app lock apps available on the Google Play Store. It should also be noted that these are not the only app lock apps available on the Google Play Store, but we have only listed the best and most popular ones. So what is your favorite best app lock app on the list? Let us know that in the comments.

14. EyeZy

EyeZy is a mobile surveillance and phone tracking application. It basically tracks everything your child or loved one does with your mobile phone, whether Android or iPhone. These are some of the most notable features:

  • The keylogger shows exactly what apps were being used and what you are typing.
  • Any message sent or received in messaging apps is automatically stored by eyeZy. You can even view images and other files, so you’re not just limited to text.
  • Screen recording automatically takes a screenshot. Allowing you to see exactly what websites you are visiting, screenshots of chats and SMS messages.
  • Although eyeZy does not record phone conversations, it allows you to view your phone’s contact list and call log.
  • As long as they have their phone on, the app has access to the phone’s GPS and updates it every few minutes. It is also integrated with Google Maps.
  • Block websites and apps that you don’t want access to.
  • The File Browser allows you to see all the photos, notes, contacts, emails, and even reminders on your phone.
  • EyeZy is safe to use, but requires you to jailbreak iPhone devices to access advanced monitoring features.

15. Material Lock – App Security

As its name indicates, it is an application with an interface that adopts Google’s Material Design guidelines to block anything on your Android mobile:

  • Remote Lock: Establish a contact to receive an SMS with predefined commands in case of theft.
  • Set a PIN, Pattern or fingerprint for the lock.
  • Hide pattern lock, lock apps after a certain time.
  • Limit the unlock attempt for a few seconds.
  • Receive notifications with failed attempts.
  • Establish a trusted Wi-Fi network for auto unlocking.
  • Choose trusted bluetooth devices to unlock.
  • Intelligent algorithms to save battery.


1. In 2023, why should my Android smartphone have an app lock?

You may password-protect or lock specific applications on your Android smartphone to provide an extra degree of protection. This is crucial for protecting private and sensitive data, particularly in a culture where a large portion of personal data is kept on cellphones.

2. Will there be free Android app locks accessible in 2023?

In 2023, free Android app lock applications will be available. For instance, users may safeguard their key apps with a password or pattern by using the free app-locking tools offered by AppLock and Norton’s App Lock.


Best App lock for android applications will still be required for Android phones in 2023. The Google Play Store offers a vast array of applications that provide customers with several alternatives for safeguarding their personal information and preserving their anonymity. Users may select the app lock that best fits their needs from feature-rich solutions like Vault and Private Zone to free ones like AppLock by iedramóvil and Norton app lock. You can be confident that your Android smartphone is fully safe because these applications come with extra features like photo concealing, messaging app blocking, and more in addition to app security. As a result, these app lock systems will secure your private or sensitive data starting in 2023.


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